Electives and Special Teams

The World Languages Team

Name Subject
Paul Perrot French
Inger Moran French
Iris Whitehill Spanish
Susan Wilkinson Spanish for Fluent Speakers
Jacquelina Ferrara Spanish
Liz Egbert Latin
Jeremy Wintersteen Chinese
Sumer Majid Arabic
Maysoon Salih Arabic
Chanai Brewster American Sign Language

The Arts and Design Team

Heather Boda Family and Consumer Sciences
Jeffery Anderson Business and Information Science/Yearbook
Emily Shepardson Art
Catrina Tangchittsumran-Stumpf Band/Department Chair
Kristin Gomez Orchestra
Christian Banach Chorus
Chris Ammon Tech Ed
Cassidy Nolen Tech Ed
Devon Riley Drama

The Physical Education Team

Name Subject
Brittney Patterson PE (Grades Six and Seven)
Andrea Menza PE
Marty Heath PE (Grades Six, Seven, and Eight)
Sean Curran PE (Grades Six and Seven)
Shyrone Stith PE (Grades Six and Seven)

 The English Learners Team

Name Subject
Olivia Holloway SLIFE/ELD 1
Miguel Perez Calleja ELD 1 and 2
Stephanie Washington ELD 2 and 3
Jenny Bogdan ELD 3
Nam Clark ELD 3 and 4
Lauren Negrete ELD 3 and 4
Enid Dunbar EL Resource Grade 6
Elita Jenks EL Resource Grade 7
Claudia Martinez EL Instructional Assistant
Ana Rodriguez EL Counselor

The Resource Team

Name Subject
Kip Malinosky IB Coordinator
Katlyn Bennet Reading Specialist
Melissa Cobbs Math Coach
Megan Detweiler Gifted and Talented Specialist
Alexis Watson Testing Coordinator
Tammy Mills-Mirick Instructional Technology Coordinator
Kirsten Wall Librarian
Amelia Rosegrant Library Assistant
Stephanie Smith Minority Achievement Coordinator
Marit Simenson and Janet Needham Occupational Therapist
Emily Calhoun Autism Specialist
Heidi Neunder  Autism Specialist
Carolyn Sampson Vision Specialist
Bernadette Meny-Plunkett Speech Pathologist
Irma De Leon School Community Liaison
Jeremy Siegel  Activities Coordinator
Wayne Snider Instructional Studies

 The Interlude Team


Name Subject
Peggy Cole Interlude Counselor
Verne Hyde Interlude Teacher
Matt Hungerford Interlude Assistant

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Team

Name Subject
Grace Waring Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher
Kristina McQuay DHOH Student Assistant
Katlyn Mathis Interpreter and Cued Transliterator for Students
Nikolai Karlinchak Interpreter and Cued Transliterator for Students
Noelle (Aysia) Meyers Interpreter for Students
Kimberly Nolasco Interpreter for Students
Ashley Middleton (Temporary) Interpreter for Students