Administration, Counseling & Support Staff

The Administrative Team

Name Subject
Keisha Boggan Principal
Robert Hanson Assistant Principal, 6th Grade
Vincent Jarosz Assistant Principal, 7th Grade
Diana Jordan Assistant Principal, 8th Grade
Dante Hicks Director of Counseling Services
Arnold Appanah Facilities Director

The Counseling Team

Name Subject
Elizabeth Brady School Social Worker
Ana Mejia Guidance Secretary
Susan Russo Projects Counselor
Dr.Tiffini Woody-Pope 6th Grade School Counselor
Jasmine Burton 7th Grade School Counselor
Amelia Black 8th Grade School Counselor
Tanya Moncrieffe-Heath School Psychologist
Kim Chisolm Substance Abuse Counselor
Ana Rodriguez HILT Counselor

The Administrative Support Team

Administrative Assistants Picture

Name Position
Lakesha Gray Secretary to the Principal
Jessica Lazo Assistant Principal Secretary
Jessica Hernandez Instructional Secretary
Jalessa Robinson Instructional Secretary
Dilcia Hernandez Attendance Secretary
Pidor Chea  Assistant Facilities Director
Enkhtuul Nyamaakhuu Finance Officer
Amelia Rosegrant Library Media Assistant
Shineca Solomon  School Nurse
Dailia Orozco Clinic Assistant


The Instructional Support Assistants

Name Position
Maritza Argueta Instructional Assistant
Raven Armstrong Instructional Assistant
Olivia Green Instructional Assistant
Clara Jaramillo Instructional Assistant
Claudia Martinez Instructional Assitant
Cynthia Pelham Instructional Assistant
Molly Poth Instructional Assistant
Aurelia Sicha Instructional Assistant
Antonio Tondelli Pardo Instructional Assistant
Bryan Tubbs-Herring Instructional Assistant
Deisy Villatoro Instructional Assistant
Katherine Zientara Instructional Assistant