7th Grade Social Studies Weekly Updates

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Ms. McMorrows US History and Civics (Week of September 21st)

This week , students will continue to practice digital learning tools as we explore factors and turning points that led to the outcome of the Civil War.

Due This Week:

  • Due Monday: Video Discussion Post
  • Due at the end of the week: Civil War Digital Notebook

Mr. Griffiths




Dr. Nolan – 10/26/2020 – 11/2/2020

US History II/Civics & Economics Syllabus

Back to School Night Presentation

THE END OF THE 1ST QUARTER IS ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2020. ALL WORK FOR THE 1ST QUARTER WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH 10/28/2020. If your student has missing work, they should complete the work and submit it.

This week’s focus is on Foundations of Government:

Our Essential Understanding is: Systems must be flexible and foster cooperation to adapt to the changing needs and demands of society to protect our rights.

The Learning Objectives for this week are: I CAN explain what the Constitution is;  I CAN describe how it is organized and what each part does; I CAN identify the 3 branches of the national government and describe what each does; I CAN explain how the big ideas of government are reflected in the Constitution.

The students will work on the Constitution Scavenger Hunt or Investigate the Constitution and Bill of Rights Brainpops. The focus is on understanding how the Constitution is constructed and how it serves as the blueprint for our government.

Every morning an Announcement posts at 7:00 am and this Announcement lists the objectives and the activities for the day. This Announcement posts at 8:00 pm Sunday night for Asynchronous Mondays work. Students must start at the Announcement.

Please make sure that your student can access Canvas and the Calendar feature to check due dates for all assignments.

Please email me at maureen.nolan@apsva.us if you should have any questions.

Ms. Hooper